This venture is a manifestation of many favorites friends and family have been able to enjoy over the years, along with many original recipes made just for this cookbook. Just like some of his other ventures, his cooking style is creativity personified! Flavor is the name of the game - and just like always, he's a winner! Each recipe is a little of this, a little of that, a little bit of everything but the kitchen sink.

Check out this interview on "Straight Talk with Riccardo Montgomery" shown on The NOW NETWORK featuring the Southern Belle Sandwich!

But that Banana Bread, though! Don't believe me, just check out this customer review and see if it doesn't have you running to make it for yourself!

You have got to try the Top-Self Turkey Wings! And they are so easy to make, you can have the taste of Sunday Dinner any day of the week. 


Now you can taste the magic of the Kitchen Sink Cook in your very own home. These products are designed to bring out the kitchen sink cook in you. Your family, and your taste buds, will thank you!

Kitchen Sink 

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The original house & table seasoning that'll be your go-to in Kitchen Sink recipes, and almost everything else you cook.

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This dry-rub is great on all your meats, from ribs to steaks, cooked on the fire of the grill, air fryer, or sizzling in a pan.

Wing Crush

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Change up the game by adding this seasoning on your wings. It's a great base flavor for wings with sauce or a star all on its own.


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This lavender-scented cinnamon sugar is great sprinkled in teas, on breads, and in your favorite desserts. It's unique flavor will make you believe in magic!

Kitchen Sink

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Kitchen Sink Seasoning is our best selling seasoning! Now you'll have enough to put it on everything, with some to spare.


8 oz. each | $25

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"We're excited about your book, Rob! You lit a spark in Marc to start working on his own cookbook, again. We'll be making your Shrimp N' Grits today!"

Aunalisa A.

"That BBQ dry rub almost got MK a sibling; Hubby loved it that much - I made it twice!!!"

Jessica T.

"Kenny hasn't let the book go since it came in the mail. He uses it all the time and he won't even let me touch it. He says it's his book, not mine!"

Lawanna H.

"Absolutely! I'm a Kitchen Sink Cook convert! I should be your poster child - if you can teach me, any body can cook"

Yvette U.
(Cooking Demonstration Participant)

"I've been trying these recipes out of the Kitchen Sink Cookbook! This morning, I made my family the 'Sop It Up Gravy' with biscuits! It was another hit in our household!"

Glenique H.