“Making dances is an act of progress; it is an act of growth, an act of music, an act of teaching, an act of celebration, an act of joy.”
-- Alvin Ailey

Black Lives Matter is more than a hashtag, it's a movement. This piece is tribute to all the lives lost in the struggle, and those still being impacted today.

In 1988, Spike Lee released School Daze, which has become a classic. This short film is a reimagining of the iconic number about good and bad hair.

From jazz, to hip-hop, to African, to working with stage artists, Rob can do it all! Enjoy this sample of various projects he has contributed to over the years.

Rob's work ethic is incredible. His passion for his choreography is contagious. His dance pieces and the concepts surrounding them are always show-stopping and innovative. It is safe to say that Rob is always ready for a challenge, and definitely goes beyond the call of duty to produce a quality product.

Summer H.

Robert has produced, choreographed, mentored and developed performers and projects in numerous cities and states. He is passionate about logistics which add to his managerial contributions to any task. His tutelage has cultivated character development, proper business practices and the importance of community service in youth and adults alike.

Tina F.

An amazing week last with Rob and I couldn't be more grateful for an awesome routine that looked stunning after 2 days! Can't wait for competition, we are going to blow them away! Thank you soooooooo much Rob!

Kendra B.

Under his tutelage, One Accord Dance Troupe served as more than an extracurricular dance organization but served as a training ground for those interested in performing to become master dancers and choreographers, themselves.

Sam W.